MANUEL GRANADOS (Andujar, Jaén). At an early age his family moved to Barcelona and his infancy was marked by his home life living next door to the Flamenco family Borrull. He soon began his classical and flamenco guitar studies with Maestro Don Antonio Francisco Serra, studying harmony and composition at the same time.

As a composer and soloist, with a personal and distinctive style, he began working professionally at a very early age accompanying important artists from the Flamenco world.

Heir to the school of "Concert Flamenco" founded by Miguel Borrull his work as a soloist has brought him around the world, appearing in the most prestigious concert halls and on national and international television and radio.

Pioneer in the study of Flamenco music theory, Manuel is the author of many original concert and pedagogical works for the flamenco guitar. Of his many publications it’s worth highlighting two volumes dealing with harmony and composition, Teoría Musical de la Guitarra Flamenca and the CD-Book combinations: Manual Didáctico de la Guitarra Flamenca, Estudio Técnico de la Guitarra Flamenca and Método Elemental de la Guitarra Flamenca, that cover everything from technical studies of the instrument to studies based on the characteristic styles of the genre.

His life’s work is teaching and each year he holds master classes in universities and conservatories around Europe, the United States and the Middle East.

He is one of the main forces behind the academic study and structuring of Flamenco and is at present the Director of the Flamenco and Classical Guitar Department of the Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu, Barcelona.


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